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CONFIRMED: Cody Jinks Will Release Two Albums Next Month

It’s official… Cody Jinks is going to grace our ears with not one, but TWO new albums next month.

With the release of “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me” this past Friday, many of us were left wondering what the hell is going on? After all, “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me” was not a song from the After The Fire tracklist that Cody announced back in August.

After some minor investigating, and to be honest, a whole lot of wishful thinking, we concluded that Cody was more than likely going to release two albums next month, the previously announced After The Fire, and a new mystery album titled, The Wanting.

As it turns out, both albums are now officially available for pre-sale on the official Cody Jinks website.

Hang on to your asses people.

After The Fire (October 11th)

1. After The Fire
2. Ain’t A Train
3. Yesterday Again
4. Tell Em What It’s Like
5. Think Like You Think
6. William and Wanda
7. One Good Decision
8. Dreamed With One
9. Someone To You
10. Tonedeaf Boogie


The Wanting (October 18th)

1. The Wanting
2. Same Kind of Crazy as Me
3. Never Alone Always Lonely
4. Whiskey
5. Where Even Angels Fear to Fly
6. Which One I Feed
7. A Bite of Something Sweet
8. The Plea
9. It Don’t Rain in California
10. Wounded Mind
11. Ramble
12. The Raven and the Dove


“Same Kind Of Crazy As Me,” written by Cody Jinks, Greg Jones, and Ward Davis.

AND…. Cody is going back into the studio soon, possibly in December.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock