Zac Brown Band Apologizes After Fenway Skit Deemed “Degrading” To Those With Dwarfism

Wasn’t expecting to be writing about a controversial Zac Brown Band skit this morning, but here we go.

While performing at Boston’s historic Fenway Park last week, Zac Brown Band had some sort of odd skit where a fake security guard with dwarfism comes out and wrestles with people on stage. No idea…

Sounds bizarre, but there doesn’t appear to be any videos of the “skit” on YouTube to provide further context.

A high school math teacher, John Young, who has dwarfism was working as a greeter for the summer, when he saw the skit and wasn’t happy about it.

On Facebook he said:

Been loving my job at Fenway, until tonight. Not at all happy with the way #ZacBrownBand ended their concert.

Did they really have to have a person with dwarfism come out & pretend to be security and “wrestle” someone?

And it was only made worse when a woman asked me as I was walking to my locker after the concert, “HEY! Were you the guy on stage?” We looked nothing alike, except for the fact that we both had dwarfism.

It was a tasteless gag & very cliche. I’m really disappointed.

Little People of America, which is the largest nonprofit organization/advocacy group for people with dwarfism, called the act/skit “incredibly degrading” according to

Upon learning about the controversy, Zac Brown personally reached out to John to apologize.

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