Nobody Panic, But America Is Officially Running Out Of White Claw

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Well shit…

The poster child of the hard seltzer craze, AKA White Claw, is officially putting the world on notice that they are running out of everybody’s new favorite party fuel. Thanks to their own rapid success, the company can no longer keep the product on the shelves.

“We are working around the clock to increase supply given the rapid growth in consumer demand,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, White Claw’s senior vice president of marketing, told CNN Business. “White Claw has accelerated faster than anyone could have predicted. We have been allocating product to our distributor partners to keep all markets in stock the best we can and will continue to do so until we get back to our normal safety stock position.”

Just kidding, panic.

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The good news however, there is definitely NO shortage of Pumpkin Spice White Claw.

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