Ohio Stadium Adds Bacon Vending Machine For Buckeye Fans


Got bacon?

Buckeye fans are in for more than just a good season of football this year, they’re getting bacon. Yes, bacon.

Ohio Stadium has installed a ready-to-eat bacon vending machine near section 37A in the south stands, featuring a variety of bacon snacks.

“The Ohio Pork Council is proud to support Ohio State Athletics and could not think of a more fitting location to launch our new Bacon Vending Machine than Ohio Stadium,” said Nathan Schroeder, District 1 Director, a pig farmer from Putnam County, Ohio. “Thanks to the Bacon Vending Machine, fans can cheer the Buckeyes on to victory with a classic game day favorite — bacon.”

A couple years back, they allowed students to buy beer and now bacon? If you’re thinking about school somewhere in the Big 10, Ohio State might be the way to go.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock