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Dierks Bentley Busted For Fishing Without A License During Seven Peaks Festival


According to Fox News, Dierks Bentley got cited over the weekend for fishing without a license during his annual Seven Peaks Music Festival in Colorado. On Labor Day, Dierks tweeted a video getting a ticket from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Luke Bryan was also with him fishing, however, he managed to escape without getting pulled over.

“Hey Luke, those fish we caught in the Cottonwood Creek this week here in Buena Vista, we should probably getting a fishing license next time because I just got pulled over,” Bentley said in a Twitter video.

“You’re next,” he said to Bryan, shortly before the responding officer said “Hi, Luke” to the camera.

Unfortunately, the video has since been deleted, however, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department did appear to have a sense of humor about the incident.

Good lookin’ fish.

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