Parker McCollum Releases First Single Since Signing Record Deal, The Fan-Favorite, “Pretty Heart”

photo credit: Trenton Johnson/613 Media

The fans have been eagerly waiting, and it’s finally here.

His first single since signing a record deal, superstar-in-the-making Parker McCollum just released “Pretty Heart” – it’s also the first new song we’ve had from Parker in 2019.

“It’s been a while since I’ve put new music out,” Parker said. “’Pretty Heart’ is for everyone who has ever come out to support us on the road, listened to and shared my music. All I have ever wanted is to write Country songs and sing Country music, and I’m excited for the opportunity to expose even more folks to my music.”

“Pretty Heart” was written by McCollum and Randy Montana. Like always, fans get nervous when “their” artist signs to a major label. They don’t want the sound to change. The soul. The writing. The list goes on. Parker is the type of artist where I can confidently say you won’t have to worry about any of that noise. This dude will make country music. Period.

Make sure you check out our podcast episode with Parker from a couple months back.

Now, start the new album countdown…

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