Nissan Develops Auto-Pilot Golf Ball That Never Misses The Hole

I think Luke Combs said it best…

Golf is fun… sometimes. If I have a case of beer, some good friends, good tunes, and I’m on a course in the middle of nowhere where nobody is waiting 30 minutes a hole for me to try and get the ball on the green, I’m going to have a blast. However, thanks to the good folks at Nissan, getting on the green is going to be your only problem from now on.

Nissan has developed a new golf ball that will make even the shittiest golfer (you and me) look like Brooks Koepka. Using their patented ProPILOT Technology, every single putt will find the hole, every single time. The second your ball leaves your putter it’s instantly transformed into a heat-seeking missile with one target: that hole. Birdies for fucking days my friend.

If you’ve been meaning to get more serious about golf, now would be a great time to start.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock