Kane Brown Deactivates Twitter One Day After Complaining About CMA Nominations

Kane Brown wearing a hat
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Quite the interesting development since Kane Brown’s CMA Nomination tweet yesterday.

After the CMA Awards nominations were revealed yesterday morning, Kane Brown shared a sarcastic tweet, as he has done in years past, complaining about not getting nominated again. We wrote about it, pointing out the obvious… hey, maybe don’t complain about not getting nominated every year and more people will vote for you. Of course he was going to eventually delete the tweet, I even said he would in the article, but he did us one better…

He deactivated his entire Twitter.

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This was the original tweet that set off quite the firestorm in the comment section, from both stans and haters alike.

A couple of men posing for a picture at a baseball game

And that’s all she wrote… Twitter gone.

But Kane, what about the fans? And, to all the Kane Brown stans, we’re just working hard to bring you all the Earth-shattering news first. You’re welcome.

*UPDATE: Kane Brown has since reactivated his Twitter account, however has explained that his team will be managing his tweets for the foreseeable future.

Full story HERE.

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