Chris Young To Release The Gut-Wrenching “Drowning” As His Next Single

If you’ve have been on this planet long enough, you’ll inevitability have to deal with the devastation of losing somebody very close to you.

Thankfully, artists like Chris Young (and so many others), take all of the pain, and the heartache, and the confusion, and the anger, and the loneliness, and pour their hearts out into a song so we can feel just a little bit better. When we can’t find the words, country music always can.

“When I wrote this song with Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge we each thought of someone that we lost way too soon. For me, it was one of my best friends, Adam. Missing you comes in waves and tonight I’m drowning. This one is for you, brother.”

Chris will officially be sending the incredibly powerful “Drowning” to country radio next month and I can already imagine the kind of reactions it’s going to illicit. I can already see thousands and thousands of people, driving down the road, hearts heavy with grief from the tragedy they’re currently suffering through, this song comes on the radio and, immediately overcome with emotion, they have to pull over to the side of the road in tears until the song finishes.

And you know what, they’re going to feel, even if it’s only for the next 5 minutes, that they’re not alone anymore. And, that’s exactly how country music is supposed to make you feel. Thank you to Chris Young for sending this song to country radio.

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