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PBR Officially Launches Their New “5-Second Aged” Craft Whiskey

The moment of truth.

PBR has finally launched their new craft whiskey and the launch city of their choosing… none other than Denver, Colorado.

According to the Denver Post, the new “5-second aged” whiskey was officially unveiled during a launch party at the ReCreative Denver gallery two weeks ago, but it has since hit store shelves in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Washington, with more markets coming soon. Bottles are expected to sell for somewhere in the neighborhood of $25.99. Not bad.

According to an interview with Pabst GM Matt Bruhn, the “aged five seconds” concept was a way for the brand to get around the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s classification for what is whiskey and what constitutes moonshine.

“We wanted to launch this as a whiskey, because that’s what it is. But the TTB wouldn’t approve it, because it’s un-aged, right? You’ve got to call it a moonshine. I’m not calling it moonshine; it is not that, it is a crafted whiskey. They’re like, “You need to age it.” I go, “For how long?” And they went, “No determined amount of time. If it touches wood, it’s a whiskey.” We literally aged it in a barrel for five seconds so we have the ability to call it what it is, which is whiskey.”

Recently, PBR has been expanding like crazy in the wide world of alcoholic beverages with their new Stronger Selzter, the higher ABV Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra, and the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee.

Beer, stronger beer, whiskey, seltzer, hard coffee… pick your poison and PBR is probably making it.

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