Eric Church Wages War On The Darkness With Powerful New Single “Monsters”

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Following up the lead single, “Desperate Man,” and his most recent #1 song, “Some Of It,” Eric Church has announced today that he will be sending the fan-favorite “Monsters” to country radio as his next single.

Written by Eric Church himself, along with longtime collaborator Jeff Hyde, “Monsters” dives headfirst into the war waging between light and dark, and the murky waters of loneliness, greed, pride, and the other various evils that run rampant in our world. In the times we’re living in right now, a song like “Monsters” couldn’t be more relevant, but for Eric, it was the evils of Route 91 Harvest Festival that made the song really hit home.

“I think ‘Monsters’ after Vegas became more real to me,” says Church of the new single. “I can remember going in my oldest son Boone’s room, and his closet light or one of the bathroom lights – the dimmer wasn’t right, it wasn’t bright enough and he wanted it brighter. When I went in and made it a little brighter he goes ‘that’s good, that’s perfect.’ And it wasn’t much, but that stuck with me. This was pre-writing the song, but that stuck with me that all he needed was just more light.”

He went on to speak about the overall theme of the song and how it’s not a big, blinding light that overcomes the darkness, but rather the smallest flicker that can change everything.

“It will always be a song that I think about where I was at that time in my life, where my kids were, and just how that little bit of light is what made the difference. That’s the key. That’s where the second verse goes to and the overall theme of ‘Monsters’ is it’s just that much. It’s not a big blinding light, it’s this much light that made the difference. That little nugget is what I carry with me on that.”

No matter what song was going to follow “Some Of It,” it was going to be one of the best songs on all of country radio. That’s just how good Eric Church is. But with a song like “Monsters,” arguably the best song on the album, Church very well could be looking at his first run of back-to-back #1 singles since 2012.

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