Jake Owen To Release A Series Of Country Classics, Starting With Waylon Jennings’ “Never Could Toe The Mark”

Jake Owen with green eyes and a green shirt with his mouth open

If you know anything bout Jake Owen, you know he’s a country music aficionado. When it comes to the country music legends of the past, his knowledge and ability to pull out a cover of just about any classic country song ever recorded is something few in modern day country can compete with.

Over the years he has been recording some classic country covers during his soundchecks and now, thanks to an overwhelming response from the fans, he’s finally going to release them.

Thanks to y’alls overwhelming response to my post yesterday, I’ll be releasing songs I’ve been recording at soundchecks over the past few years.

I love classic country music so much and feel I don’t always get to show you that side of me. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be serving up some of my favorites to y’all. It’s our job as country music artists to educate and remind folks that we wouldn’t be here today with out the trailblazers and characters that paved the way for us in Country music. My first little ditty is from one of my favorite artists of all time. The man. Hoss. Waylon Jennings. OUT TOMORROW!”

As someone who has seen Jake perform some of these throwback hits on a few different occasions, I can guarantee you this will definitely not suck.

His performance of Waylon Jennings‘ 1984 hit “Never Could Toe The Mark” drops tomorrow. Get ready.

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