Guy Says Florida Woman Named Chastity Chugged Beers, “Stone Cold Steve Austin My A**,” Both Get Arrested

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via The Smoking Gun

Nothing from Florida can surprise you these days.

This is one of the better ones from 2019 – we have beer, pro wrestling, Stone Cold, phones being thrown at throats, people getting arrested. LET’S GO.

A 23-year-old woman by the name of Chastity Bodnar was arrested for a misdemeanor battery charge after taking two beers cans, and “Stone Cold Steve Austin my ass” according to the victim Coty Lee Havens, 26.

The Smoking Gun reports that apparently Chastity lost it after Haven said she drinks too much. She then threw her phone at his throat (classic!), and I assume gave him the Stone Cold Stunner after the beers were chugged.

Here she is.

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via The Smoking Gun

Havens was ALSO arrested for fighting with cops when they showed up to see what was going on. They did find the empty beers cans, but no word on if she actually gave him the stunner, or just gave him a whooping after the beers were had.

What a night.

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A beer bottle on a dock