New Study Says People That Use Emojis Get More Dates, Have More Sex

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Striking out on Tinder? Time to step up that emoji game.

According to a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, people that regularly use emojis with potential dating partners have much higher success rates getting dates, and much higher success rates in the bedroom.

According to Psychology Today, the Kinsey Institute analyzed data from a large survey asking people how often they use emojis, and in particular, how they use them with potential dates.

Roughly 38 percent said they never do, 29 percent hardly ever do, 28 percent regularly use them, 3 percent use at least one in every text, and 2.5 percent use more than one in every text.

The study found that the people who used emojis more often went on more dates, and a similar second study found a correlation between frequent emoji use and more frequent sex. Also, emoji users were more likely to have kissed and had sex with their most recent date and also more likely to have gone on a second date or to have entered a relationship with that person.

There was no mention on what kind of emojis were being used, however.

You heard the good doctor… get your ass back on Tinder and start sending those emojis.

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