Video Shows Conor McGregor Sucker Punching Old Man Over Whiskey Argument, Old Man Takes It Like A Boss

G Holland / Shutterstock

Conor = unhinged.

A video from April has surfaced showing UFC legend Conor McGregor sucker punching an old man at a Dublin pub over an argument over his whiskey.

According to TMZ, Conor was buying everyone at the bar a free round of his Proper Twelve whiskey, but one old man didn’t want it. Conor appears to insist he take it, putting the glass down multiple times. Finally, Conor sucker punches the guy in the head with a left hook. We can’t hear the words that were exchanged. The old man barely flinches. Took it like a champ.

It’s unclear if the investigation is ongoing.

Watch this bullshit.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock