Keystone Light Wants To Pay Your Rent For A YEAR

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If you spent your entire college career getting shit-faced on Keystone Light, they’re looking to say “hey, thanks dude.”

Keystone knows know that you partied your ass off for 4 straight years, and instead of studying like a good student, you were shotgunning Stones on your buddy’s roof at 6 in the morning before the big game. You didn’t learn shit, never got that internship that your dad pretty much lined up for you, you essentially left college dumber than when you started, and now, you probably don’t have a job… at least, a good one. But you know what, that’s ok. Sure you’re saddled with crippling student debt, but fuck it, you had fun. Thankfully, Keystone Light is offering to pick up the tab on your rent for the entire YEAR, while you navigate the extremely difficult job market and get your shit together.

Sorry, was that too real for you?

Anyways, 13 winners of the sweepstakes will receive the free rent in the form of a $12,000 check, while 150 winners will receive a runner-up prize, AKA, their “Adulting Transition Packs.” Each ATP will include an inflatable Keystone Light chair, a branded shower curtain, a Hawaiian-style shirt, and a chandelier with Keystone Light cans in place of light bulbs called a “candelier.”

“These consumers are craving financial stability, and we know from our research that housing expenses create a strain, eating up a large portion of their income,” says Eric Wolfe, an associate brand manager for MillerCoors economy brands. “With our free rent program, we’re hoping to ease part of the burden to enable them to enjoy the fun things in life, like having a cold beer and celebrating with friends.”

You must be 21 to enter the sweepstakes using the keywords provided on displays via Snapchat, or you can visit the Keystone website, now through September 29.

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