Are The Baltimore Orioles Coming To Nashville?

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Fresh off the rumor mill.

The Baltimore Orioles may be on the move. And, the possible destination? Music City.

According to the Baltimore Post Examiner, the Baltimore Orioles are up for sale, and with the team’s lease at Camden Yards set to expire in 2021, a relocation is not out of the question. With 90-year-old owner Peter Angelos no longer involved in the day-to-day activities, his sons John and Lou have taken over operations. John and Lou would like to sell the team, and John just so happens to live in Nashville, a city that’s been vying for an MLB franchise for quite some time. With Baltimore attendance plummeting, it could be a smart move. Of the 15 American League teams, the Orioles rank 14th in attendance.

Yet, sources close to the family say that they would like to keep the franchise in Baltimore and that a move to Nashville is merely just a rumor. Either way, the thought of Nashville getting a major league baseball team sounds like something I can get behind. On the other hand, with a field as beautiful as Camden Yards, I can’t imagine the Orioles ever leaving that park. Just wouldn’t be right.

Stay tuned…

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