Bud Light Unveils New College-Themed Cans For Football Season

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In case ya weren’t ready enough for football season, Bud Light just dropped some college-themed cans to make those tailgates a little extra spirited.

Holy shit, do I need a good football tailgate in my life right now…

Back to business.

The cans are:

Iowa – Black and Yellow

Alabama – Crimson and White

Virigina Tech – Orange

Texas A&M – Maroon and White

Texas Tech – Red

LSU – Tigers logo

LSU was the only school to allow Bud Light to use its logo on the can and packaging. This is one of those weird, stupid things that I can’t explain – beer tastes better when the can/cup/whatever is your team’s colors. Sports bars in big cities that serve cheap ice cold beer in some 20 oz cup with your college logo – that beer has the it factor.

A Wrigley Field beer? The best beer. And so on, and so on.

My personal favorite here? IOWA.

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h/t Yahoo Sports

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock