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Pabst Blue Ribbon Unveils New Heavyweight Hard Seltzer With A Whopping 8% Alcohol

It’s official… hard seltzer has taken over the entire world.

You have your Truly, your White Claw, the brand new Natural Light Hard Seltzer and now, Pabst Blue Ribbon has entered the ring with their new PBR “Stronger Seltzer.”

Clocking in at an insane 8% ABV (Natty is 6%, White Claw & Truly are 5%), Stronger Seltzer offers natural lime flavors, is sweetened with Stevia, and contains only one measly gram of sugar.

“Stronger Seltzer explores new ground for the blue ribbon, while upholding the boundary pushing tradition that’s been associated with us since the days of our founder Jacob Best,” said John Newhouse, brand manager at Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Stronger Seltzer is a fun and innovative new drink that delivers big on taste, and gives our customers something different to enjoy.”

Starting today, PBR Stronger Seltzer will be available in the test markets of Arizona, California, Montana and Texas, with more states to be announced soon.

PBR has been absolutely everywhere in the “getting you drunk” market lately. In addition to Stronger Selzter, they recently released the higher ABV Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra, their new Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee, and the forthcoming Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey. 

Hipsters everywhere are finally about jump on the hard seltzer train… what a time to be alive.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

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A beer bottle on a dock