Nashville Street Magician Goes Viral With Insane Floating Cigarette Trick

A man holding a cigarette

What the hell?

If you’ve ever been to downtown Nashville, or really any city for that matter, there’s always going to be a surplus of street performers. Musicians, magicians, acrobats, a guy that will swallow a snake and pull it out of his nose for a quarter… whatever catches your attention, you can find it.

This street magician (Ryan Shadow) in downtown Nashville caught the attention of over 4 million people on Twitter recently with his floating cigarette trick. Conventional wisdom says there is some kind of string or something, but I sure as shit can’t see one. I want an explanation on this witchcraft immediately and Twitter has failed to deliver. I think we’re going to need to bring in Penn and Teller for this one.

The dark arts are alive and well in Nashville.