Brothers Osborne Are Ready To Melt Faces With New ‘Live At The Ryman’ Album

If you haven’t seen Brothers Osborne live, you’re missing out on a HUGE part of what makes them one of the most electrifying acts in all of country music. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, or even if you have, they’re going to do us all a favor and capture some of that magic on their new Brothers Osborne: Live At The Ryman album.

“Recording at the Ryman is an incredible experience. This place never loses its charm and its luster… and I hope it never does for me. It’s a special spot,” says TJ of the new album.

“This room just has a way about it that even though it’s up on this tier that seems so overwhelming, it has this comforting soul about it. I just always kind of trust this room to take care of us and it does every time,” adds John.

Live from the iconic Mother Church, Brothers Osborne will deliver performances of hits like “Shoot Me Straight,” “Stay A Little Longer,” “Rum,” and many more. Without question, this is going to be one of the better albums you’re going to hear this entire year.

Brothers Osborne: Live At The Ryman hits shelves on October 11th.

Brothers Osborne’s Live at the Ryman Tracklist:

1. “Drank Like Hank”
2. “Shoot Me Straight”
3. “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)”
4. “Weed, Whiskey and Willie”
5. “Down Home”
6. “Rum”
7. “Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)”
8. “Tequila Again”
9. “21 Summer”
10. “Love the Lonely Out of You”
11. “Stay a Little Longer”
12. “It Ain’t My Fault”

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