Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins To Team Up On New Single, “Hell Right”

Blake Shelton et al. posing for a picture
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Another Blake Shelton/Trace Adkins duet is on the way.

Announced today, Blake Shelton will be releasing his next single later this week titled, “Hell Right,” a collaboration with longtime friend and “Hillbilly Bone” partner, Trace Adkins. Just like Blake’s previous #1 single, “God’s Country,” this new one was all so co-written by Hardy, which made it hard for Blake to ignore.

“We had pretty much decided that we were finished recording for a while, and I wasn’t even thinking about it,” says Blake. “But he (producer Soctt Hendricks) said that Hardy had written a song and he wanted me to hear it, so with the success of ‘God’s Country’ and just knowing how talented that guy is, I thought, ‘Man, I better at least listen to it even though I don’t see myself going in and recording.’ About three-quarters of the way through the song, I decided, ‘Oh, my god, I’m not done recording. I’ve gotta go cut this song.”

For Blake, adding Trace to the track was a no-brainer.

“After living with it about three or four days, I just had an idea that Trace Adkins would be perfect to have on this record with me. I’ve been saying for the last few months, I’m just recording songs that I want to make with no apologies, with no rhyme or reason, and I’ve been making them with the people I want to make them with. I’m just making records that I’m excited about.”

“Hell Right” drops this coming Friday, August 16th, at midnight.

Here’s a little “Hillbilly Bone” for old time sake.

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