Zac Brown’s New Song “Warrior” Has Fans Begging For A Musical Intervention

The day has come… Zac Brown Band has finally released “Warrior.”

“Warrior” has been been making the rounds at Zac’s live show for some time now, along with “God Given,” their god-awful rap song. If you remember back to June, I wrote an article (click here to read) right after Zac Brown’s infamous “fuck the haters” speech at the CMT Music Awards, and I called out Zac for being an arrogant dumbass, but more importantly, for putting out really shitty music, like “Warrior.”

Anyways, today, Zac Brown Band released the studio version of the song and we finally have some insight into what he was trying accomplish:

“Before we wrote the song ‘Warrior,’ I interviewed my friend Alexander R. Oliver who has over 21 years of dedication to our country in Special Ops. He now spends his time helping other veterans with things only they can relate to. He is a true warrior and a wordsmith, so I took some of his story and words and tried to channel a glimpse of what it means to be a modern day warrior. God bless men like Alexander and all of our men and women warriors that keep us safe in this great country and God bless the USA.”

Respect. In fact, I applaud anybody writing a song to honor the brave men and women that lay down their lives overseas to keep up safe. Just knowing that makes me appreciate the song a lot more. The lyrics, the meaning, the message… It still doesn’t make me like it however.

I just can’t get on board with this new Zac Brown, EDM-ish, spoken word, rap, rock, and everything in between, style of music that they have been making lately. And with artists like Skrillex, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Max Martin, Benny Blanco and others collaborating on the new album, I can’t help but think The Owl is going to be just more of the same. More of this weird shit. But, I’m not the only one. Here’s a few YouTube comments echoing my thoughts exactly on this song:

“Ok, who took Zac clubbing in Ibiza?”

“Zac, you need an intervention brotha.”

“Zac Brown has an awesome voice and that’s no different in this song but…meh…this one ain’t my style.”

“Love ZBB, not a fan of this… I want to see the style of ‘The Foundation’ to come back. That is the album that brought us fans in.”

“It’s cool to try new styles. But you got to stop.”

“I hope my favorite band doesn’t keep going down this road.”

“And this is country how? Bad move Zac, bad move.”

“Well looks like we lost ZBB. TF is the deal…”

“Seen this band 5 times, used to be my fav. I would travel to see them, but unfortunately these guys have lost everything I loved about them.”

And it goes on and on like that. Twitter isn’t any better. Instagram is worse… you just hate to see it.

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