A vehicle on fire
Rod Mendes/Hoopa Fire Department

Bear Falls Off A Cliff, Lands On Police Car, The Car Crashes, Catches Fire, And Burns Up Nearby Forest

Bears are just falling from the sky now?

In Hoopa, California, an officer was responding to an overdose call over the weekend, when a bear (yes, a fucking bear) fell on top of his police cruiser sending his SUV careening into the side of a cliff where it flipped over, caught fire, burned to a crisp, and lit half of the damn woods on fire.

The officer managed to escape with very minor injuries, jury is still out on the bear.

Crazy-ass story to say the least. The fact that the officer walked away from this is bonkers, but I still have one question…. How the fuck did the bear land on the police car?

ABC 7 is saying that the bear fell from the embankment, but there’s no possible way they could know that for sure. All the responding officer here knows is that a bear landed on his car and he crashed. Are we to believe that bears just walk off the side of cliffs in the middle of the night? Is there such a thing as an extremely clumsy apex predator? I don’t think so…

No, what really happened here is some kind of Operation Dumbo Drop-type of shit for a secret government operation that’s training attack bears for military use. They were carrying him by helicopter to Area 51 and the roped snapped. Simple as that.

Or, maybe he just fell off a cliff… I don’t know…

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