Idiot Rangers Fan Catches Foul Ball In Helmet Full Of Nachos, Ruins The Game For Everybody Around Him

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I’ve always wondered to myself, what kind of guy actually orders an entire baseball helmet full of nachos? I get the novelty, but does anyone really need an entire bucket of nachos like that? No, you don’t.

Then, I found my answer… it’s this asshole.

Yesterday, the Texas Rangers defeated the Detroit Tiger 9-4, but you know who ultimately took the L? The poor bastard that took an unsolicited nacho cheese shower because some oblivious dipshit behind him decided to catch a foul ball in a helmet full of nachos.

You want to catch a foul inside a beer cup, chug the beer, and then celebrate like a madman, be my guest. Catching it in a giant nacho helmet isn’t very difficult, you’re not going to eat the nachos now, you probably ruined the game for everyone else around you now that they have to sit there cooking with hot cheese on their skin for the rest of the day, and to top it all off, you’re a grown-ass man.

Foul balls stopped being cool when you were twelve. C’mon guy…

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Look as this guy’s face, he’s not having any of this tomfoolery… wouldn’t last a second in the Wrigley bleachers…

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This is how it’s done.

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A beer bottle on a dock