Baker Mayfield Rocks The ‘Stache, Shotguns Beer Like A Seasoned Veteran At Indians Game

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We all know Aaron Rodgers can’t chug a beer.

The Browns’ Baker Mayfield on the other hand? PRO. He was put on the spot at the Cleveland Indians game over the weekend while rockin’ the ‘stache, caught a Miller Lite tossed his way, opened it with his teeth, and downed it in about three seconds, giving Luke Combs a run for his money.

Watch the textbook form and forgive some of the spillage as that beer was thrown and foamy. Just calling it as I see it.

* side note: we just got Madden ’20 here in the office, and the Browns are a team you actually want to be in that game. Times have changed…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock