Hunter Brags About “First Big Game Kill,” Turns Out He Let His Dog Maul A Baby Deer… & FILMED IT

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What a piece of shit.

According to BBC, a  New Mexico hunter and fishing guide caught the attention of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife when he posted photos and a video to his social media of a young fawn that was viciously mauled by his dog.

“Got his first big game kill,” the sarcastic caption read on his since-deleted post.

Michael Garcia of La Cruces, New Mexico, was fined $1,372.50 for what Colorado Parks and Wildlife called “several wildlife crimes.”

“This is a disturbing case,” said CPW Manager Rick Basagoitia. “We’ve heard from many members of the public wanting CPW to investigate.”

Garcia has since posted an apology on Facebook:

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“Stop hating me, I love the outdoors.”

Ok, sure guy…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

You let your dog maul and kill a baby deer while you filmed it, then posted pictures on Instagram with the fur that you harvested from its tiny body. You’re not an outdoorsman, you’re an asshole.

Fining him $1,500 bucks seems like he’s getting off pretty light to me, however, the investigation continues.

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