Coors Light Says They’re The Official Shower Beer

The illustrious shower beer.

Since its inception, Whiskey Riff has always been BIG proponents of the shower beer. I mean, what could more relaxing, more satisfying, more gratifying, after a long hard day, than hopping into a hot shower with an ice cold beer and, if only for just a few minutes, drowning away every single care in the world. It’s a beautiful thing, a spiritual thing. A feeling that’s often imitated, but rarely duplicated.

Well, Coors Light is finally on board and, as part of their new “Made To Chill” campaign, they have declared themselves the official shower beer.

“Cold has always been part of our brand DNA.  And Coors Light’s mountain-cold refreshment is the perfect antidote to a world that won’t stop being on,” said Ryan Reis, vice president of marketing, Coors Family of Brands. “But in a world where Millennial and Gen-Z drinkers have more and more choices, we have one job to do: give them a new reason to reach for Coors Light.”

And apparently, that new reason is… drinking in the shower.

Hot shower, cold Coors Light, I’m here for it.

Nothing A Shower Beer Can’t Fix – Get the shirt HERE.

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A beer bottle on a dock