“This Isn’t A Strip Club, Get The F*ck Out” – Meghan Patrick To Scumbag Yelling “Show Me Your T*ts” From The Crowd

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It’s hard to believe that people like this even exist in the world.

The reigning Canadian Country Music Awards Female Artist of the Year, Meghan Patrick, was headlining the Hagersville Rocks Music Festival this past Saturday night when some piece of shit yelled “show me your tits” from the crowd.


Unfortunately for him, he picked the wrong woman to disrespect and Meghan Patrick was quick to quiet the band, get the lights on the crowd and rip this guy a new asshole for being the trash that he is.

“I do not fucking work my whole entire life, and be broke, and it’s sad to have some dipshit drunk in the audience tell me to show him my tits. This isn’t a fucking strip club, get the fuck out.”

“If you’re here to see country music, and honesty, and stories, and have some beers and have a good time, you are welcome here. But that shit is not fucking welcome here, I work too damn hard motherfucker. Fuck you…”

You see, this is the kind of shit that women have to deal with in country music, and really life in general, but given the current landscape of gender disparity in the industry, it’s allowing this kind of behavior that continues to perpetuate the problem. Women all over are busting their asses to even get a shot at making a decent living playing country music, and then, thanks to assholes like this, are reduced to disgusting comments like “show me your tits.”

So maybe the next time you hear someone talk about the struggle of women in country music, the struggle for airplay, the struggle to be taken seriously, the struggle to be heard, the pressures to look and act a certain way all the time… the next time you hear that and you’re quick to dismiss them, remember this video, and then maybe just shut your mouth and listen.

After some time to reflect, Meghan shared some more thoughts on the evening with an extremely honest Instagram post about the incredible highs of being a performing artist, along with some of the heartbreaking lows.

Morale of the story: don’t be an asshole to musicians that are trying to make a living up there, don’t be a scumbag to women, and don’t fuck with Meghan Patrick… she will never shy away from putting you in your place.


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