Snickers Will Give Away A Million Candy Bars If Halloween Moves To The Last Saturday In October

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Halloween is October 31st… which sucks. Sometimes it falls on a Monday and you’re not feeling it, sometimes it falls on a Wednesday and then you don’t even know which weekend you’re supposed to celebrate it, and sometimes it falls on a Friday which means you want to dress up and go to the bar on Saturday but then it’s November and you can’t do that. The whole things sucks.

Not to mention the kids who have to cram all their trick-or-treating into a few hours before sundown. It’s not working for anyone…

Which is why there is a petition floating around, one that’s finally a good idea, proposing to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October.  And you know who else is fully on board? Snickers

“Snickers is all in on celebration Halloween to the fullest,” Josh Olken, Snickers’s brand director, stated in a press release. “If the federal government makes this thing official, we’re offering up to one million free Snickers to America. No tricks, only treats.”

As of right now, the petition has nearly 110,000 signatures. Make it happen people.

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