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Tyler Childers Reminds People To Wear Their Crocs After Fan Gets Struck By Lightning, Walks Away

Crocs out here saving people.

In an Instagram post, Tyler Childers posted about a fan, Isaac Earnest, who was struck by lightning on Sunday, but still made it out to FloydFest to see Childers perform on Friday. Tyler explains that the Crocs Isaac was wearing may have saved his feet from being blown off – I ain’t fuckin’ with you.

This is Isaac Earnest…Isaac got struck by lightning Sunday. The doctors told him he should just not come to Floydfest. Isaac came to Floydfest to see our show. The doctors also said had he not been wearing his @crocs, he would have grounded out and his feet might have blown off. Wear your crocs, people. Also, @crocs, can we get this man some free crocs or some help with his medical bills? Isaac Earnest and his story is the coolest thing I’ve witnessed all week. Isaac is a lightning rod. Isaac is a wild man.

Crocs, we thank you.

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