Zac Brown Band Announce New Album, ‘The Owl,’ Release New Non-EDM Single, “Leaving Love Behind”

If you’re expecting the old “Whatever It Is” Zac Brown Band with this new album you’re going to be disappointed.

The band announced their new album, The Owl, would be released on September 20. Expect a bunch of different sounds far from country with producers like Skrillex (seriously) being involved.

No word on how many rap songs will appear on the album.

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We’ve been working tirelessly on this album over the past couple years, ensuring every detail is perfect,” said Zac Brown. “We are always pushing ourselves as musicians by blurring genre boundaries and incorporating all kinds of music we are personally inspired by, elevating what we are capable as a group. This album will have something for everyone, The Owl is exciting, raw, and unexpected. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished on this record and can’t wait to finally share it with the fans.”

The lead single “Leaving Love Behind” is actually a piano-heavy ballad and not an EDM song.

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