A Baltimore Seafood Restaurant is Launching a “PETA Tears” Beer Because PETA Is The Worst

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This is some A+ trolling right here.

A Baltimore seafood restaurant has been feuding with PETA for a while now over crabs, because PETA is absolutely insane. It all started last August when PETA put up a billboard in Maryland featuring a blue crab that said “I’m ME, not MEAT” and encouraging people to go vegan.

Now obviously Maryland loves their crab, so a local seafood restaurant decided to hit back with their own billboard.

Since then, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood has been absolutely roasting those bozos at PETA on social media. And now, they’re taking the feud up a notch with the launch of their new beer, PETA Tears.

The new limited-time release lager is 4.9% ABV that was specially crafted to pair well with those steamed crabs that PETA thinks you should befriend instead of eat. And according to Jimmy’s, it “turns out their tears are quite delicious!”

We all know that PETA is the absolute fucking worst, so anything to troll those losers, I’m here for it. And if it gets me drunk too, well start pouring those PETA Tears.

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Hey Maryland, get your new favorite shirt here.

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A beer bottle on a dock