Walmart Writes “Happy Birthday Loser” On Two-Year-Old’s Birthday Cake

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According to CBS Chicago, a miscommunication in the bakery department has made this little girl’s birthday cake go viral. Melin Jones of Bonne Terre, Missouri, went to the local Walmart to get a birthday cake for her daughter Liz, whose nickname is “Lizard.”

“I got her a cake at Walmart and asked the lady to write ‘Happy birthday, Lizard,” said Jones.

However, since she was in a rush, she didn’t take the time to actually check the cake and found quite the surprise when she got home. The cake read: “Happy Birthday Loser.”

“I was pretty shocked. I didn’t know what to think at first. Then after the shock wore off, I couldn’t stop laughing,” said Jones.

Thankfully, Lizard is too young to read so the family had a good laugh about it and eventually were able to get her another cake.

You know what the best part of this entire story is though? That a customer was actually understanding, chalked it up to a miscommunication, and didn’t spend her remaining years on Earth fighting to have that Walmart employee fired and the entire corporation removed from the face of the Earth. How refreshing.

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