Texas Police Officer Responds To House Party Complaint, Joins The Party & Rides Mechanical Bull Instead

Only in Texas, amirite?

I threw my fair share of house parties in college and I’ll tell you what, I’ve never seen an officer respond like.

According to CNN, Officer Besser responded to a noise complaint in Kilgore, Texas, and instantly became the life of the party when he hopped up on top their mechanical bull.

“Tonight, we were dispatched to a large party with loud music… and a mechanical bull in the backyard,” said the Kilgore Police Department on Facebook. “We did ask them to turn their music down some, but we found out Karla was celebrating her 22nd birthday. It wouldn’t be a memorable birthday celebration without KPD showing our bull riding skills. We think Officer Besser may have some experience at this?”

Truth is, it looks like the bull, aptly named “El Cochiloco,” was taking it easy on Officer Besser, but still, it definitely doesn’t appear to be his first rodeo. Hats off to the responding officer for being a good sport and giving Karla one helluva 22nd birthday. Usually when a cop shows up to a house party and starts riding the mechanical bull, he’s about 20 seconds from going Magic Mike on the birthday girl.

Not this time…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock