Dierks Bentley Delivers A Dramatic Reading Of The Highwomen’s Debut Single, “Redesigning Women”

Gotta love Dierks Bentley really going to bat for the women of country music.

Although quite comical, Dierks’ new dramatic reading of The Highwomen’s new single, “Redesigning Women,” is an important one. It allows the listener to really pay attention to the message of the song, an important message that member Natalie Hemby says is about “the life that most women are living today.”

As for The Highwomen, the new country supergroup composed of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby, they’re getting ready to shake up the country music industry with the release of their upcoming album, self-titled album on September 6th.

“Anyone can be a Highwoman,” says Carlile. “It’s about banding together, abandoning as much ego as humanly possible, holding one another up and amplifying other women every chance we get. Shoulder to shoulder. One push, one love.”

A distinguished, pipe-smoking, scotch-sipping, suited up Dierks reading us lyrics to some of the more profound songs of country music? I’m here for it.

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