These Grape Vodka Snow Cone Slushies Would Make Alan Jackson Hotter Than A Hoochie Coochie

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Well, here we go.

It was a matter of time. There’s no more settling for a burger and a grape snow cone. Now, we get drunk on that grape snow cone.

I introduce to you, Grape Vodka Snow Cone Slushies.

These couldn’t be easier to make, and there’s a lot of flexibility for you to tweak the simple recipe.

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What you need

Vodka – you can go with a good quality unflavored vodka like Tito’s, or get a grape flavored vodka.

Grape Kool-Aid or grape soda

Ice tray and blender

What to do

– Freeze your grape Kool-Aid or grape soda in ice trays until thoroughly frozen. Make your Kool-Aid as sweet as you like, if you go with soda, the sweetness is taken care of for you already (which is nice if we want to be a bit lazy).

– After frozen, take grape ice cubes and put into a blender.

– Add your vodka. Don’t go too crazy, as this could get soupy. You want this to have the consistency of shaved ice or your old school 7-Eleven slurpee. Push it as far as you want depending on how drunk ya want to get.

That’s it. Serve with a straw, spoon, or shovel and put on “Chattahoochee.” Life does not get any better. Take it away, Alan…

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A beer bottle on a dock