Koe Wetzel’s Incredible Music Festival Is BACK This September

Hold on to your asses folks, Koe is throwing another party.

After the success of the inaugural Koe’s Incredible Music Festival, we couldn’t even wait a whole year for round 2. This coming fall, on September 14th (technically it’s the end of summer, but as far as I’m concerned, September is fall), Koe and a bunch of famous friends will be performing at the Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth, Texas.

If you recall to this past March, the inaugural festival featured performances from Parker McCollum, JB & the Moonshine Band, Chris Colston, and of course, Koe himself. He hosted the event in his hometown of Lindale, Texas, which caused some noise and crowd concerns for the local residents. Needless to say, it was loud and rowdy, people got pissed, and city passed a new noise ordinance, prohibiting unreasonably loud noise and profanity on city property.

This time around they’re taking the party to a new venue, one that might be a little more accommodating.

Tickets are already on sale, but stay tuned for the full lineup announcement.

With the recent release of Harold Saul High, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

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