Flatland Cavalry’s New Video For “Other Side of Lonesome” Focuses On Mass Shootings

Flatland Cavalry is undoubtedly the next big thing in Texas country. We’ve been listening to these guys for a while, and if you’ve yet to jump into their music, make it a priority. They’re the real fucking deal.

They just released their new music video for “Other Side of Lonesome,” and it’s a heavy one. Directed by Natalie Rhea, the video is centered around school/mass shootings, and follows a police officer as he makes his way around the school looking for the gunman.

In a press release, frontman Cleto Cordero said he wrote the song after his fiancée woke him up to the tragic news of the Route 91 massacre.

“I remember a cold, numbing chill coursed through me as my hair stood on-end in goosebumps and a layer of moisture begin to form within my eyelids,” Cordero said. “I remember getting out of bed and grabbing my moleskin notebook and a pen and started writing, ‘On the other side of lonesome, there’s a place for you.’ I wrote what I would’ve said to the gunman, or someone like that in that state of mind.”

Check it out.

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