This Bacon-Wrapped, Jack Daniel’s Infused, BBQ Pulled Pork “Swineapple” Will Make Your Friends Think You’re Gordon Ramsay

A red pepper with a pineapple in the background

Where has this been all my life?

I’m a pretty big pulled pork guy, pretty big pineapple guy (yes, it absolutely goes on pizza) and a pretty big Jack Daniel’s guy, so naturally, this bacon wrapped Jack Daniel’s infused pulled pork “swineapple” is a dream come true. You got your pork, your pineapple, your bacon, your Jack Daniels infused sauce, you got everything you need to win at life this summer. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to do. The only real cooking skill you’re going to need is patience.

Not to mention, it’s looks pretty damn cool too. Stop bring potato salad you bought at Walmart to every cookout and start bringing something like this. You want your friends to think you’re Gordon Ramsay, this will do the trick.

Here’s what to do.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock