The Colorado Spirits Trail Lets You Get Drunk At 61 Distilleries While Exploring The Mountains

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If heaven was a place on Earth, it’d be this.

The Colorado Spirits Trail.

61 distilleries that takes you through one of the most beautiful states in the USA. Get drunk on top-notch spirits (whiskey, gin, and plenty more), while taking in breathtaking views. There is no better form of fun, or relaxing, than this.

On their site, they explain how it works, and what you’re in store for:

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Colorado boasts one of the largest and most vibrant distilling communities in the country. To inspire the discovery of spirits pioneered by some of the most creative makers in the industry, 61 Colorado craft distilleries have joined together to create the Colorado Spirits Trail.

We strive to redefine the American frontier and invite novices and connoisseurs alike to experience our innovative spirits across the Eastern Plains and the Western Slope, through the bustling cities of the Front Range, and the snowy peaks of the Rockies.

Imagine getting drunk with this as your backdrop? COME ON.

A row of colorful cans
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What you do:

Collect stamps on your printed map at each participating distillery. After visiting 10 distilleries present your stamped map to one of the participating distilleries and ask for a t-shirt. The distillery will give you a t-shirt and bragging rights for having completed the first round of the Colorado Spirits Trail.

While we firmly believe that your journey along the Colorado Spirits Trail, and the delicious spirits that you experience, are reward in and of themselves, we will sweeten the pot still by presenting everyone who receives a stamp from all participating distilleries represented on the 2019 map, also referred to as TrailBlazers, two bottles of spirits selected randomly from the participating distilleries.

In addition, there will be a monthly drawing from all completed maps submitted to present one TrailBlazer with 40 bottles of spirits selected randomly from the participating distilleries. All bottles will be awarded in 2020. Only one 40 bottle winner per household.

OK, I’m sold…

Here’s a map to give you a general idea of the locations:

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Check out their site for all the participating distilleries and more info.

“Weed, Whiskey And Willie” by Brothers Osborne seems like a fitting way to end this post.

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