New Study Shows Most Popular Songs People Have Sex To… And I Got Some Questions

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The Ultimate Foreplaylist.

A recent study dove into the wild world of sex songs and I have to admit, I have some questions. Like, where the fuck are the country songs? A company called Kegel8 scoured Spotify for playlists that contained the words “sex,” “Netflix and chill,” “date night,” and “baby making” in the title, looking for the most popular sex songs, and then, put together the ultimate sex playlist.

I like where their head’s at, but the problem is… only one single country song made the list, and it’s not even that sexy of a country song. Artists like Trey Songz, The Weeknd, Byrson Tiller, Jeremih and even Ed Sheeran dominated all of the playlists, with Thomas Rhett’s ‘Die A Happy Man” the lone country song.

Thankfully, while the rest of the world is bumpin’ uglies to Trey Songz, we have the Whiskey Riff Baby Makin’ Playlist to come to the rescue for us country fans.

And believe me, this playlist fucks.

Congrats on the sex.

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h/t: Maxim

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