A woman sitting on a yoga mat next to a dog

Move Over Goats, Fox Yoga Is A Thing Now

According to my mom, I need yoga in my life.

Seriously, her solution to every problem is yoga. Tired? Yoga. Is hamburger meat still good four days after expiring? Yoga. I liberated all the Fireball from the liquor store on the corner! Yoga.

I’ve tried yoga before, but my “lion’s breath” sounded more like a pug with a snoring problem, and goat yoga had me watching where I stepped; no mat was safe from goat poop. But nevertheless, I think I finally found my yoga calling: fox yoga.

About an hour south of Minneapolis is Saveafox Rescue in Faribault, Minnesota, and this summer they are hosting yoga classes with the foxes. All proceeds will go to the rescue and for caring for their foxy residents.

Sign me up to see foxes and be able to tell mom I did yoga. If they served beer, I’d namaste there forever.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock