Florida Woman Teaches Her Man A Lesson, Drives F-150 With Him Locked In A Dog Cage In Back

A police officer standing next to a truck
Ryan Cabrera/Facebook

This takes being in the doghouse to an entirely new level.

A viral Facebook photo which has amassed nearly 70,000 shares shows a Florida woman being pulled over in her F-150 with a man (presumably her boyfriend or husband), locked in a dog crate in back.

In a Facebook post, Ryan Cabrera shared the following photo with the caption:

“Only in Polk County do you find a woman driving a F150 with a grown man locked in a dog cage in the back lol wtf…”

Dude just chillin’ back there with his shades on like it’s just another Tuesday. Completely relaxed. The crate seems large enough for enough movement in there to prevent muscle atrophy (not entirely sure, I’m no doctor).

The man looks like he’s been fed. The cops seem genuinely confused. There’s no way to know if this is a punishment or some kinky shit. The Sammy Hagar lookalike might even have a smile on his face if you look closely. Regardless, thank you Florida for consistently blessing our social media timelines with all your glory.

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Ryan Cabrera/Facebook
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