Amber Smith Shares Heartbreaking Post One Month After River’s Death: “One Month Closer To Seeing Him Again”

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It’s hard to believe it’s now been over a month since the tragic death of Granger and Amber Smith‘s son, River.

In an Instagram post, Amber recently shared the following, saying it’s been “the hardest month of our lives.”

“I couldn’t sleep last night so I was going through photos of River.

I noticed so many with this light around him that I never really took notice of before. We always used to ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He never said a fireman, or police man or doctor. He always said “when I get bigger I reach the light”. I know he probably meant the light switch, but it still makes me smile and still gives me a bit of hope. He’s definitely reaching the light now ✝️. One month. The hardest month of our lives. But we are here. One month closer to seeing him again. ❤️”

The strength this family has shown has been nothing short of incredible. 

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