Texas Man Drives 530 Miles To Prove He Wasn’t Getting Scammed On Dating App, Doesn’t Have Sex, Still Gets Scammed

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At some point, you just don’t even feel sorry for people anymore.

We see this shit all the time in the country music world. Some scumbag from Pakistan or Russia or whatever country, creates a fake account with 14 numbers in the handle, one that could in no way be confused with the verified country singer’s account, and the next thing you know, you’re on the news talking about how fake Dierks Bentley took $250 bucks from you… or worse, $160,000. 

Most of the time, it’s just naive people that get scammed so you kind of feel bad… kind of. But this time, it’s a little different. This idiot guy from Texas was thinking with his dong instead of his noggin.

According to KLIN, a Texas man met a “woman” on the social media app Hangouts and began chatting with her. Somewhere in the course of the conversation she said that she would only have sex with him if he gave her an Amazon gift card. Fearing that he was getting scammed (DUH), he hopped in the car and drove all the way to Nebraska, some 530 miles to be exact, to meet her face to face. When he got to her house she said that he could only come in and have sex if she got the Amazon gift card. He folded like a cheap lawn chair.

At this point, you can probably imagine what happened next…

Turns out, she didn’t even live there and he was parked in front of some random person’s house. She blocked him on the app and rode off into the sunset with a $65 Amazon gift card and his dignity.

You have got to be kidding me dude…

Look, I know our Texas lad here is looking for love, and if nothing else, maybe to get himself out of a slump. After 4 years without sex a 530 mile drive is nothing. Get a good playlist going, maybe knockout a few seasons of your favorite podcast, stuff yourself with Combos and a sixer of Mountain Dew, you know road trip snacks you would never normally eat… really make a thing of it. But then, he gets to the door and she throws the breaks on with the Amazon gift card shit again. Pay $65 dollars and on other side of that door is your one-way ticket to fuck town.

At this point, you’re 100% certain you’re getting scammed, but after all of this, is the $65 bucks worth that microscopically small chance that you might actually get laid?


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