“Cow Cuddling” Is A Growing Trend And I’m All For It

A person hugging a cow

In the last year, a new trend has gained in popularity…

Cow cuddling.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You pay for a 60 minute session, and hang out with a super chill, friendly cow. You can do this at Mountain Horse Farm in New York. A 60 minute session for up to 2 people is $75 and a 60 minute session for up to 4 people is $125.

On their site, they explain what you can expect:

Spend quality time with our cows and miniature horses: brushing, petting, playing, sharing space or snuggling up to the cows while they are lying down. It’s a fun and very relaxing experience. We can’t guarantee that the cows will be lying down. It’s not a trained skill but their natural behavior, and that may or may not happen.

Simple enough, and sounds like a good thing to do after someone breaks your heart. Instead of crying at a bar, lay in a field with a cool chill ass cow for an hour? You’re gonna leave a new person.

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