Carrie Underwood: “It Makes My Skin Crawl When I Hear Somebody Say ‘Gurrrl’ In A Song”

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Carrie Underwood has had enough of the “gurrrl” songs in country music.

In a recent interview with The GuardianCarrie shared her thoughts on the current state of country radio and the lack of depth in the songwriting.

“There’s a lot of songs that aren’t actually saying too much. Fun songs to listen along to, party vibe…. It makes my skin crawl when I hear somebody say ‘Gurrrl’ in a song, you know?”

Obviously, there is a time and a place for party songs, even Carrie Underwood would have to agree with that. After all, her current single “Southbound” is 100% a summertime party song. But still, for Carrie, she is always going to gravitate towards the classic country themes of a woman wronged, heartbreak, cheating, drinking, and even a good old fashioned country murder ballad.

“I went through a phase where I killed a lot of people,” she says of her Blown Away album. “I have no idea why, but I wanted everything to be cinematic and dramatic. This album, things were a little more on the emotional side.”

Carrie is currently in the middle of her Cry Pretty Tour 360, alongside Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.

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