Granger Smith Donates $218,791 To Children’s Hospital That Treated His Son

Granger Smith and woman speaking at a podium
Rick Kern/Getty Images

You have to commend Granger Smith and his wife Amber for taking an awful tragedy and using it to help other families in need.

“Let this be a small token of the gratitude that we’ve got for you guys,” said Granger as he presented Dell Children’s Medical Center with a check for $218,791. “This is just the beginning,” he said in the courtyard at Dell Children’s Medical Center yesterday afternoon.

After the drowning death of their three-year-old son River, Granger’s Yee Yee Apparel released a t-shirt in their son’s honor, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the hospital that treated him.

“I pray that nobody else ever has to go through what we’ve gone through, but if they do, I hope they come here because y’all were incredible,” said his wife Amber.

“We watched you through our eyes, through our grieving eyes, in the worst of times, we watched you speak to our little boy like he heard you and we were hearing it. You were speaking to us and it mattered,” added Granger.

According to CBS Austin, they plan to release another t-shirt in honor of River later this fall with all proceeds, again to be donated to Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin.

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