Dierks Bentley Breaks Left Hand, But Luckily, He Drinks Beer With His Right

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Nobody panic, the beer drinking hand is gonna be ok.

While spending some time with his family in Colorado recently, Dierks Bentley sustained a broken left hand in a mountain biking accident. Dierks called into WMZQ yesterday, shortly after walking out of the hospital, and said that he broke a few bones in his left hand which was fine because he drinks beer with his right.

“My wrist is a little messed up but luckily it’s my left and I drink beer my right so I should be good for the summer.”

How can you not love this dude?

Anyways, it looks like Dierks is still able to play a little guitar. He shared this video from the beautiful mountains of Colorado, performing “My Church” alongside his daughter Evie.

Good clean living.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock